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Advanced Hash Calculator

Have you ever wondered how file integrity can be checked? Such questions as whether a file has been completely downloaded from the Internet, whether a file has been tampered with or are two or more files identical in their content constantly arise for computer users. Hash calculation can help you to resolve such problems. All you have to do is to compare two file content hash values. Advanced Hash Calculator calculates file hashes using different algorithms on the fly. All you have to do is to drag and drop files in question and file content hashes will be displayed. The following hashing algorithms are supported CRC32, GOST hash, MD2, MD4,.MD5, SHA-1, SHA2-256, SHA2-384, SHA2-512. You may easily export the result of hash calculations for multiple files in a table or copy individual hash strings for a single file for future use. Various text formatting options, such as case sensitivity or spaces separating hash values are available. Visit Advanced Hash Calculator official website!

Hash calculator

Calculate file hashes with various algorithms.
Supports GOST, MD2, MD4,.MD5, SHA-1, SHA2 (256/384/512).
Drag and drop support and real-time calculation.
Ability to handle large size files (2 GB).
Export and save hash tables for future use.

Current version: 2.53
Download URL  (679KB)
Operating Systems: Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Registered version price: $19.95

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